Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication gives you (the customer) an opportunity to collaborate with the Fourth and Trade team in creating something unique to fit your needs and desires. You can be as much a part of the creative process as you choose to be. Come to us with an idea or example of furniture, artwork, sculpture, lighting etc and together we will choose designs, select materials and generate a quote on what it will cost to produce. We also offer our already fully developed Fourth and Trade Original pieces that we can easily recreate, modify or elaborate on. Our team of professionals bring years of creative talent and experience to the process and look forward to creating something wonderful with you.

Here are a few of the custom fabrication pieces we have created for our clients:

(Clockwise from top) Cork and Vintage Wine Openers display, Shadow Wall Frames to set off that special piece of pottery or sculpture,Triangle wall brackets display original art in a different light, Original Tiller sculpture made from recycled materials, Pendants for a unique lighting option in your dining room or bar.